Capturing the Cosmos


Honoarble Mention for »Capturing the Cosmos«, tha latest production of the Melbourne Planetarium.

2016 Honorable Mention

»Capturing the Cosmos« captivates with its outstanding graphics and the way it rises to the challenges of dome projection in every scene. The selection and execution of the 3D graphics is a key to understanding the complex, large-scale astronomy and the dark energy. The film is characterized by its use of widely known common objects as points of departure for virtual journeys across the universe – an approach apt to arouse the interest and curiosity of the audience. The graphic stage sets open quasi-realistic three-dimensional spaces, which are crucial for the fulldome experience. With the award, the festival directors also pay tribute to the exceptional analogies between astronomical relationships and terrestrial experience. Not least, »Capturing the Cosmos« takes up one of the chief astronomical research issues of current interest without overwhelming the audience

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