Die Jury des 10. FullDome-Festivals 

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We are honored to introduce experienced individuals who have agreed to donate their time and expertise to review the Festival contributions eligible for an award in the 2016 contest. The jury works independently of the festival organizers and any company or institution. The jury members decide which submission deserves the JANUS Award along with prize money and certificate. All award winners will be announced at the Festival Gala on May 28th.

Please give our panel members a warm welcome! In alphabetical order:

Aaron-BradburyWelcome Aaron Bradbury!
Aaron Bradbury is VFX Supervisor at NSC Creative, based at the National Space Centre in the UK. He has directed immersive projects for corporate clients, educational institutions and theme park attractions. He also has a background in the arts with a First Class, Fine Art Painting degree and several years experience as a digital artist. Over the past 9 years he has been working with immersive media and developing his own artistic approach to immersive filmmaking.
His personal works have been supported by Arts Council England, the British Council and the UK Film Council. His award winning animations have been screened at many film festivals worldwide, most notably Edinburgh International Film Festival, Annecy, Animated Encounters, Domefest, Jena FullDome Festival, SAT Fest and Fulldome UK. They have also appeared in publications such as 3D World, Specialten, Televisual and Imagine. Aaron has been invited to speak at Siggraph, Kaleidoscope VR Film Festival, IDFA Doc Lab, Imersa, iX Symposium and Macau International Fulldome Festival.


Kelley-FrancisWelcome Kelley Francis!
Kelley Francis is an independent artist, producer and multi-media maven working in the field of immersive technology. Based between Los Angeles and Europe her work includes film production, art direction, fine art installation, content programming, production development and live-event support for corporate activations in fulldome. Her work has lay foundation for continued dialogue for use of mobile domes and live performance in planetariums beyond traditional application through proven case studies and successful activations.
Artistic and entertaining productions she’s collaborated on have included: Southern California’s Pacific Standard Time,  SOA: State of the Arts Symposium, Broken Bells Holding on for Life, James Hood presents Ceremony,  Aaron Axelrod’s Melting Rainbows, Ai Weiwei and Bert Benally’s Pull of the Moon, League of Legions World Championship 2014, PepCity Superbowl Dome in New York, Inception of Mapjacks Projection Mapping Crew, episode “Time Will Tell” of hit tv show Castle, and the inception of IFAA; The International Fulldome Artists Alliance.


John-LakeyWelcome John Lakey!
John Lakey was the Director of the James S. McDonnell Planetarium in Saint Louis, USA, for the last 5 years until he moved to Jena in 2015. He was with the Planetarium for 30 years and served in virtually every area of the Planetarium profession from show presenter to show writer and producer to exhibit developer. He gained experience in digital planetarium show production for 12 years. John also served the board of the Missouri NASA Space Grant Consortium and served as judge at the FIRST Regional Competition. John is passionate about astronomy education and the Planetarium’s role as an informal place of learning for the space sciences, aerospace and aviation.





Marina-MasicWelcome Dr. Marina Masic!
Marina Masic, Ph.D. is a New York based artist and scientist focusing on immersive multi sensory experiences. Her love of domes began as a child by the Adriatic Sea under the stars and grew to be inspired by settings such as Liquid Sound, Germany, etc. Her background studies in Art and Social Change, Art Therapy, Philosophy, Media, Communications, and Performance Interactive Media Art infused her work in the fields of art and wellness over the last fifteen years. She was part of an Artist in Residence program at Vortex Immersion in Los Angeles, exploring the use of domes for Healing Arts. She summarized her experiences at the IMERSA summit in Denver.
Currently, Dr. Masic is part of a new immersive enterprise known as Lucia Light Technology facilitating hypnagogic light experiences and researching furthering connection in consciousness. Additional projects include dome efforts in a collective named AestheticsTherapeutics and global mindfulness education work (Mission Be).



Welcome Prof. Hans-Christian von Herrmann!

Hans-Christian von Herrmann, has been Professor of Literary Studies (Literature and Science) at Technische Universität Berlin since 2011. Having studied German Philology, theatre studies and art history at Freie Universität Berlin, von Herrmann received his Ph.D. in 1995 at Ruhr-Universität Bochum with a dissertation on Brecht’s aesthetics of media. He worked as Scientific Assistant at Universität Leipzig from 1996 to 2000, where he also was habilitated in 2003. Over the following two years he worked as Visiting Professor of Communication Theory and Media Studies at Universität Duisburg-Essen. From 2004 to 2010, Hans-Christian von Herrmann was Substitute Professor in Jena, became appointed Visiting Professor at Princeton University and at New York University. From 2010 to 2011 he was Substitute Professor of cultural theory and cultural methods at Universität Konstanz. His field of research include Cultural science and technology studies; theory and history of digital media cultures; science and media history of art, literature and theatre.

Juergen-WeishaeuplWelcome Jürgen F. Weishäupl!
Jürgen Weishäupl is a Vienna based independent curator and producer for interdisciplinary large scale art shows, like the mass-theatre event “Festino” in Palermo or the cultural program for UEFA EURO 2008. He teaches “mega events in sport and culture” at University of Applied Science Kufstein and consults public institutions in strategic cultural planning. Since 2013 he commissioned over 50 fulldome shows to artists and filmmakers for the mobile semitransparent dome “iSphere”, showcasing them in the festivals CONTENT ART and ELMAR (Electro Magnetic Reality) in Vienna. For the Vienna tourism board he created together with the media-art-collective NEONGOLDEN the 17-minute fulldome-show “ViennaSphere” touring to 5 European Cities: Barcelona, Paris, London, Milan, Berlin.


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