The 2016 FullDome-Festival Jury

The 2016 FullDome Festival Jury will be introduced here in April 2016.

The 2015 FullDome-Festival Jury

We are honored to introduce five individuals who have agreed to donate their time and expertise to review the Festival contributions eligible for an award in the 2015 contest. The jury works independently of the festival organizers and any company or institution. The jury members decide which show deserves the JANUS Award along with prize money and certificate. All award winners will be announced at the Festival Gala on May 30th.

Please give our panel members a warm welcome! In alphabetical order:

LawrenceCurtis IMG_4975

Welcome Lawrence Curtis!
Lawrence Curtis is a conservation, underwater cinematographer and filmmaker based in Florida, USA. Now, in his 20th year working with and filming wild dolphins and whales, his passion and focus is on creating and producing unique projects for immersive theater. His company Curtis Films Inc. / Aqua Media Lab specializes in underwater projects specific for the dome to immerse audiences into the ocean realm and to inspire as with his current project CETACEA. Lawrence was winner of last year’s “Altered Mind” Fulldome Award, he also participated in the Artist in Residence program at Vortex Immersion, L.A. Samples of his work at:

Christian Holtzhauer 1


Welcome Christian Holtzhauer!
Christian Holtzhauer is the artistic director of the “Kunstfest Weimar” Arts Festival. He studied theatre science in Berlin and Toronto. The Weimar Arts Festival 2015, now in its 25th year, includes contemporary dance as well as theatre plays, exhibitions as well as concerts, all inviting the audience to look, listen and perhaps even join in and dance.


Dr. Susanne Hüttemeister


Welcome Susanne Hüttemeister!
Prof. Dr. Susanne Hüttemeister is director of the Zeiss Planetarium Bochum, Germany, and Professor of Astronomy at the Ruhr-University Bochum. In a recent interview she described the planetarium programme as ranging from astronomy to audio play to live concerts. “We are not only an educational, but also a cultural institution, with 200.000 visitors a year.”




Welcome Shawn Laatsch!
Shawn Laatsch is the Planetarium Director for the Infoversum in Groningen,  Netherlands. He has been involved in planetariums and astronomy education for 30 years and is passionate about cultural and observational astronomy. In his previous position as the planetarium manager of the “Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai” in Hilo, he implemented the world’s first stereo 3-D digital planetarium. He is the President Elect for the International Planetarium Society, Inc. www.infoversum.nl


Welcome Bernd VorBernd Vorjans1jans!
Bernd Vorjan is director of JenaKultur, the umbrella for the city of Jena’s many cultural institutions. It includes coordination of this year’s special theme “Romanticism. Light. Eternity.”, with reference to the ideas of the early Jena Romanticists movement, which launched a conquest of all art genres. In the UNESCO Year of Light, this tradition is addressed in a new, unconventional and sometimes very surprising manner in Jena, city of light. www.jenakultur.de/
English: http://www.jenatourismus.de/en/homepage/355766



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