2017 Audience Ratings

Audience Ratings

For the first time in the fulldome festival history, the audience was invited to assess all festival contributions by means of a questionnaire. The detailed results have been presented to the individual producers. A summary of the ratings is available here.


Full-length Feature Shows

Best rated feature show and Audience Choice Award

The Secrets of Gravity

by Peter Popp, Softmachine, Munich

Second rated Feature Show

Auroras – Lights of Wonder

by Kwon O Chul, Seoul

Third rated Feature Show

Hello Earth

by The Heavens of Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw




»Auroras – Lights of Wonder« tightly followed by »Hallo Earth«
got nearly equal rankings by the audience.


Short and Student Films

The evaluation of short and student film audience ratings has been made independent from feature show audience ratings to avoid comparing unequal production backgrounds. Whereas short films and student clips are equivalent as the results proof. Listed are the 12 highest ranking films out of 57 films assessed by the audience. The detailed rankings including all questions can be downloaded here:

 11th Fulldome Festival: audience evaluation of short and student films

Best rated short/student film


by Elia Hüneburg, University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam

Second rated short/student film

Dimensions – Once Upon Reality (Showreel)

by Rocco Helmchen & Johannes Kraas, Germany

Third rated short/student film

Periods of Space

by Thomas Hochwallner, University of Applied Arts, Vienna

Average ratings 

Title Producer Category Points
1 Nachtmahr Elia Hüneburg, Univ. of Applied Sciences, Potsdam Student 906
2 Dimensions – Once Upon Reality Rocco Helmchen & Johannes Kraas, Germany Short 740
3 Periods of Space Thomas Hochwallner, Univ. of Applied Arts, Vienna Student 731
4 200 Years Carl Zeiss Kate Ledina & Liese Endler, Bauhaus Univ., Weimar Short 730
5 Das Indianische Meisterstück Raphael Schardt, Bauhaus University, Weimar Student 717
6 Orange Sky Ari Daniel and the Charles Hayden Planetarium Boston Short 711
7 ISS 360° Tour with Tim Peake NSC Creative, UK Short 711
8 Beyond Event Horizon Olga Falko & Rico Sperl, Bauhaus University, Weimar Student 681
9 Melancholia: Faces of Emptiness Joanna Saleta, University of Silesia Student 673
10 Rona and the Moon Kara Vandeleur & Yael Gezentsvey, OHU Domes, NZ Short 665
11 crt2esc Johannes Lampert & Laurus Edelbacher, Univ. of Applied Arts, Vienna Student 662
12 Experiment Kate Ledina, Bauhaus University, Weimar Student 652