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We are pleased to announce the online availability of Festival Tickets. Go to our Tickets web page, select your ticket(s) and pay online via Paypal. You will get your ticket via an email link. Print it out and present it while registering at the FullDome Festival. Check out the FAQ page for further details.

The 2017 FullDome Festival Nominated Feature Films

The FullDome Festival Curators and Directors have nominated the following full-length feature films for the 2017 FullDome Festival. Crongratulations!

After Cherenkov
Masashige Iida, Japan
Aurora: Lights of Wonder
METASPACE,  Republic of Korea
Black Holes, the 10th Anniversary Edition
Clark Planetarium, USA
Der Mond – Ein Märchen unter Sternen
Sternevent GmbH, Germany
Hello Earth
Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium, Poland
LICHTMOND – “Days Of Eternity”
Planetarium Hamburg and blu phase media, Germany
Planet Nine
Adler Planetarium, USA
Rilakkuma’s Planetarium
SAN-X CO., LTD. / Dwarf / GOTO INC, Japan
The Man from the 9 Dimensions
Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation), Japan
The Phantom of the Universe
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
The Secrets of Gravity – in the footsteps of Albert Einstein
Softmachine Immersive Productions, Germany
To Worlds Beyond
Donetsk Planetarium




Establishing the Fulldome Festival Foundation


The Jena FullDome Festival wants to encourage people from planetariums, fulldome theatres, universities, museums, creative artists, pioneers, vendors and visionaries to explore and embrace fulldome as an educational tool, immersive art form, and mind-altering experience also in the future. Within ten years, the festival has matured which began as a venture of committed volunteers and now starts a new phase of development as a professional organization. Growing international attention, a high degree of acceptance among experts, and bright prospects of development now make it necessary to replace sporadic and voluntary efforts with a continuous, planful enterprise. By establishing the Fulldome Festival Foundation, the organizers lay the groundwork for the future. The Ernst-Abbe-Siedlung GmbH, Carl-Zeiss-Siedlung GmbH and Sternevent GmbH join forces to establish the Fulldome Festival Foundation as a non-profit foundation. The founders intend to secure the Festival‘s lasting existence. Additional donations are explicitely welcome.

The organization of the FullDome Festival needs to follow the dynamics of modern media. Besides added flexibility and continuity, this also requires greater speed and closer international networking. The initially donated endowment is not sufficient, though, for funding the Festival, which keeps being dependent on additional donations and sponsoring in the foreseeable time. Therefore, the founders and organizers of the Festival aim their commitment at growing acceptance among industrial corporations, producers, institutes and educational institutions. They are open to requests and suggestions for mutually fruitful cooperation.

Overall, our new activities aim to further increase the degree of awareness of the FullDome Festival, to better do justice to the interests of producers as well as audiences, and to advertise the Festival with greater variety and higher quality. Trusting in sustained support by partners from the industry, we would like to propose suitable marketing approaches in connection with the Festival. For this purpose we will, starting in 2017, offer a spectrum of sponsoring options reaching from donating a prize to sponsorship for a particular session.

You can trust in the Jena FullDome Festival to remain an established, interesting and exciting event, to continue presenting attractive prizes for the best fulldome productions, and to be a unique location for international exchange among the fulldome community.


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