2018 Submissions

Submitting for the 12th FullDome Festival

The annual Jena FullDome Festival wants to encourage people from planetariums, fulldome theatres, universities, museums, creative artists, pioneers, vendors and visionaries to explore and embrace fulldome as an educational tool, immersive art form, and mind-altering experience. The purpose of the Jena FullDome Festival is to showcase recent fulldome productions and to provide an open platform to promote the art, the business and the future of our 360-degree medium. In the workshops, presentations, and discussions during the Festival, the participants get to know each other and exchange experiences. Getting kindred spirits into contact, inspiring new ideas and promoting collaboration is not the least of the strengths of the Jena FullDome Festival.

Producers may apply for presenting full-length feature shows, short films, student films and real-time applications of any kind in the fulldome format. Premiere shows are privileged for screening. In recent years, increasing emphasis was placed on the quality of the contributions. Continuing this trend, we want to develop a festival of the best fulldome productions without appearing to be overbearing.

Festival contributions are judged and the best are awarded by criteria of treatment, technical implementation, artistic design, creativity, originality, narrative quality, entertainment value, and general contribution to the artistic, innovative and technical advancement of the fulldome medium. The FullDome Festival presents the sought after »JANUS« award for excellence and creativity in fulldome productions.  The number of feature films is restricted to twelve per festival. Every film entered will be curated; the mere nomination according to the criteria mentioned above means a noticeable recognition of the producer. „Nominated for the FullDome Festival“ signalizes an extraordinary significance. Curators will write film reviews, which are published in time for the Festival. The festival audience has the possibility to assess the contributions by uniform criteria. The results are fed back to the producers; from the public responses, they will infer the strong and, perhaps, weak points of their productions.

Under the management of the Fulldome Festival Foundation, the presentation of student contributions – in the focus when the Jena Festival was founded – remains one of the main events of the FullDome Festival.

The submission guidelines for each year provide general information on the FullDome Festival and how to submit fulldome works as a student, independent or professional producer. You will learn about categories, focus days, deadlines, costs, awards and data formats.

Submission Guidelines 2018 (PDF Version)

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