The Secrets of Gravity

The Secrets of Gravity – In the Footsteps of Albert Einstein

Softmachine Immersive Productions, Germany

Film review by Stefan Harnisch, Jena


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In principle, it is always a challenge to tell a story in such a way that it inspires and captivates the audience and completely enthralls them for the duration of the story. This is even more difficult if the story wants to convey additional high-quality educational content such as complex knowledge about gravitational waves and time.

Peter Popp, along with his team, has done just this and more than succeeded. The dramatically gripping story of the little LIMBRADUR accomplishes it from the first minute – almost playfully, to delight the whole family with the magic of »Secrets of gravity«. Even more so, through the masterful use of the dome, the audience is completely wrapped up in the story, and indeed positively drawn in.

Skillfully chosen perspectives, very good camera movements, extremely detailed scene imagery, very good illumination, convincing sound design as well as convincingly precise and detailed animations take the viewers on a unique journey through truly highly scientific topics. The highlight is that, no matter how lofty the subject matter, at no time does one feel overwhelmed. For children, the narrative is enchanting, allowing them to experience the subject matter informally while opening doors to fundamental ideas. Adults will recall their childlike curiosity and, more than once, experience a pleasant “aha moment”.

In the end, the story will leave your heart pounding and your thoughts buzzing about the mysteries of life. What remains in every viewer is the realization to guide our children and to never stop asking questions.

11th FullDome Festival, Jena, May 19, 2017 [/three_fourth_last]

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