The Moon

The Moon – A Fairy Tale Told under the Stars

Freely adapted from the Brothers Grimm

Robert Sawallisch, Zeiss-Planetarium Jena, Germany

Film review by Jürgen Hellwig, Jena


The Moon – A Fairy Tale Told under the Stars

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Audience: Recommended for age 5 and older

Plot: Four brave  adventurers set out from the country without moonlight on a journey in quest of a marvellous thing called the moon that will light up the night sky at last. They have to cross gloomy forests teeming with danger, outsmart old gnomes, and  solve most difficult riddles. With their united effort, bravery and a measure of good luck, and by the help of magic objects, a little talking pig and the children in the audience, the four manage to survive all dangers and finally to find the moon. However, they do not yet foresee the dreadful things that will happen when the moon is not up in the sky but has its light shining below the earth…
A 3D-animated epilog demonstrates and explains the moon’s phases and its origin in a manner suitable for children.

Presentation: A 3D introduction merges into the plot through a book of fairy tales in the form of black-and-white  silhouettes. The simple, but very apt and effective animation follows the style of the graphic design. There is a lot to see, with many subplots stimulating viewers to take closer looks and search things. The children are addressed directly and asked to play along, which works extremely well.

Sound track: The music, including children’s songs, has been specially composed for the show, unfailingly prompting the young audience to join in the singing and clapping. All spoken parts are sensitively delivered by a single narrator with a pleasant voice. The excellent music and sound mix essentially contributes to the success of the script.

Assessment: The story, told in the form of an adventurous journey, is never boring, but full of suspense for both grownups and children. Plot, imagery and dialogs have many passages that adults can enjoy as well.

11th FullDome Festival, May 20, 2017  [/three_fourth_last]

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