The Fulldome Festival Foundation Advisory Board

Looking beyond the time of the festivals we like to expand the range of our activities. This means exploring areas where we can initiate, promote, support and sponsor the art, the business, the technology and the future of immersive media for the benefit of planetariums and fulldome theatres all around the world. It also means expanding our existing network to include new partners, sponsors and investors from the field of science, film, VR, media, performing arts, universities, edutainment, etc., who promise to advance the 360-degree medium, and make the public recognize its significance.

We are happy to introduce the Fulldome Festival Foundation’s new International Advisory Board (or KURATORIUM, as it is called in German). The Advicory Board will make sure that the Jena FullDome Festival keeps up with current and future trends and thus continues to connect avant garde full dome artists with successful immersive businesses. We value all individuals with their knowledge and dedication who form a group of peers, willing to connect, comment, consult, criticize and help direct the course of the Fulldome Festival Foundation.

Aaron Bradbury
VR Creative / NSC Creative

Dr. Ricardo Dal Farra
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Ubbo Grassmann
Planetarium Stuttgart

Ralph Heinsohn
Designer, Curator & Producer of
Immersive Media & Creative Director
Science Dome Content

Volkmar Schorcht
Carl Zeiss AG

Tim Florian Horn
Zeiss-Großplanetarium Berlin

Michaela French
Royal College of Art,
Fulldome Research Group, London, UK

Maren Kießling
Martin-Luther-Universität, Halle-Wittenberg

Shawn Laatsch
Emera Astronomy Center
University of Maine, USA

Warik Lawrance
Melbourne Planetarium, Australia

Dr. Maciej Ligowski
Creative Planet, Poland

Dan Neafus

Prof. Rotraut Pape
Hochschule für Gestaltung, Offenbach

Prof. Mike Phillips
Plymouth University, UK

Dr. Peter Popp
Softmachine Immersive Productions, Munich

Markus Schäfer
The Content Dome GmbH, Hamburg

Dario Tiveron
Fulldome Database FDDB, Italy

Björn Voss
Planetarium Münster
Gesellschaft Deutschsprachiger Planetarien e.V.

Ryan Wyatt
Morrison Planetarium & Science Visualization
California Academy of Science, USA

Pedro Zaz
United VJs, Portugal/Brazil

Tina Zimmermann
Visual Artist, Berlin

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