The FullDome Festival provides an open platform to present and praise immersive media, electronic arts, science, business and the exploration of fun and future in full dome. We invite media artists, Planetarium people, science and music visualizers, interdisciplinary researchers, dome VJs, 360° performers, spatial sound creators and pioneers of immersive technologies from all around the world to show their work and share their ideas. Live and surround, beyond the flat frame paradigm.


The Festival is produced by the Fulldome Festival Foundation, a non-profit, 360° independent foundation based in Jena, the vibrant city of science and light where modern Planetarium technology was invented a hundred years ago.


The FullDome Festival honors outstanding work with the Janus-Award. The double-faced Roman god Janus was chosen as our patron saint because he sees front and rear, past and future simultaneously. No one is better equipped to bless the best in the network of immersive media reaching for the stars.


Fulldome Student Film Award

Fulldome Short Film Award

Fulldome Feature Film Award

Fulldome “Joker” Award

Fulldome Audio Award


The venue of the Jena FullDome Festival is  the longest serving planetarium of the world. Far from being a museum,  the Zeiss-Planetarium Jena today is equipped with the most innovative digital projection system and spatial audio technology. Visitors and contributors to the festival will immerse in fulldome shows and performances in the highest quality.

A little bit of history:

The Zeiss-Planetarium Jena in its current form opened its doors to the public on July 18, 1926. It owes its origin to an idea by the founder of the German Museum in Munich, Oskar von Miller, as early as 1912, but construction was halted by World War I. The innovative construction of the 25 meter dome in Jena is based on the designs of Zeiss engineer Walther Bauersfeld – after whom the Planetarium’s own bar and restaurant is now named. Bauersfeld completed the first planetarium, known as the Zeiss I model in 1923, and it was initially placed on the roof of a Zeiss building in the corporate headquarters town of Jena. This model projected 4,900 stars, and was limited to showing the sky only from Jena’s latitude. Subsequently, Bauersfeld developed the Model 2 with 8,956 stars, and full latitude capability. The Jena planetarium attracted the attention of artists and teachers of the Bauhaus School in nearby Weimar, among them Walter Gropius, Wassily Kandisnsky, Paul Klee and László Moholy-Nagy. Over a dozen planetariums were installed before World War II again suspended the work. These inter-war planetariums were constructed in Berlin and DĂĽsseldorf in Germany, as well as Rome, Paris, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. The Zeiss I planetarium in Jena is also considered the first geodesic dome derived from the icosahedron, 26 years before Buckminster Fuller reinvented and popularized this design.

Make a statement and leave an impression at the Frameless Forum! We invite short, colourful presentations to introduce your fulldome and 360-degree project, cooperations, standards, updates, technologies, ideas, experiences, announcements, innovations and revelations. Themes to be presented in the Frameless Forum range from immersive media experiments, VR/AR innovations,
work-in-progress projects, planetarium tech talks, real-time applications, sound, art, real film and animation, dramaturgy and narration, university and professional trends, challenges and opportunities, making-of sessions, hands-on tutorials, far out visions, game changer projects, how-to-get-rich-withfulldome-
schemes, etc.

• Submissions for Frameless Forum presentations until March 27th.
• Decision of Acceptance until April 17th.
• The Frameless Forum takes place in the seminar room of the Jena Planetarium. Get in touch early about technical parameter e.g. HDMI, WIFI, USB or other.

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