You are a producer of fulldome films? Your are an artist, or a student, of immersive media? You want to present something in the field of spatial audio, 360° multimedia technology, DJ/VJ/VR live performance or immersive music theatre?

This is the place to find out how to contribute to the 15th. FullDome Festival, Oct. 8-10 2021.

  • #BestOfEarth Program

We are thrilled to announce that Jena is teaming up with partner festivals on three continents to form the Co-op of International Fulldome Festivals, featuring shared content in the #BestOfEarth program for the first time.
The call for submissions goes out to fulldome producers all around the world. Shows selected for the #BestOfEarth program are eligible to win a #BestOfEarth Fulldome-Award, given out by the four festivals together. Read the official announcement by the Co-op of International Fulldome Festivals in 
English  Deutsch

Check the official #BestOfEarth Submission Guidelines

If you are ready to apply for a slot in the BestOfEarth program, use the online form to register your fulldome show.

#Frameless Forum

Make a statement and leave an impression at the Frameless Forum! We invite short, colourful presentations to introduce your fulldome and 360-degree project, cooperations, standards, updates, technologies, ideas, experiences, announcements, innovations and revelations. Themes to be presented in the Frameless Forum range from immersive media experiments, VR/AR innovations,
work-in-progress projects, planetarium tech talks, real-time applications, sound, art, real film and animation, dramaturgy and narration, university and professional trends, challenges and opportunities, making-of sessions, hands-on tutorials, far out visions, game changer projects, how-to-get-rich-withfulldome-schemes, etc.

If you are ready to apply for a slot in the Frameless Forum, use the online form to register your presentation.

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