Dear Festival friends and Streaming Subscribers,


it is our ambition to provide you with a 360-streaming experience with a choice to view fulldome content a) on your desktop computer, b) laptop, c) tablet, d) mobile phone and/or e) VR device. Most of this works really well, with the sad exception of the VR devices.

We share the disappointment of those who are particularly eager to immerse in a Virtual Reality world like Oculus go or Google card board. So what happened and why?

Because there is no commonly available streaming infrastructure at the moment that offers both, quality and protection of the 360 content, we had to invent it ourselves, with pioneering partners like Nexplayer. Just as we thought we had it all, we learned that Oculus had changed their setup in such a way that it could not be compensated in time by a Codec update from Nexplayer. Our teams work hard to find a solution to make the stream available also to people with VR-device. As stated in the Opening Night: „We will find a way soon, but we don’t know how soon.“

Once the 360-stream for VR is restored, we will make it available to all of you who bought the ticket for the experience. In fact, we are patiently impatient to make it happen as soon as possible.

Until then, please enjoy the TICKET-CHANNEL 360-Stream on all the other available devices, and watch the Frameless Forum talks on the FREE CHANNEL. 

p.s. To those who recommend we use YouTube or Facebook 360: these platforms offer no protection for the streamed content. It is essential for us to maintain the integrity of the fulldome shows that the producers have given to us to show only in the festival context, and not make them open source.

We hope you understand.

Liebe Festival-Freunde und Streaming-Abonnenten,


unser Ziel ist es, euch ein immersives Streaming-Erlebnis mit der Möglichkeit zu bieten, unsere Fulldome-Inhalte a) auf einem Desktop-Computer, b) Laptop, c) Tablet, d) Mobiltelefon und/oder e) VR-Gerät anzusehen.

Das meiste davon funktioniert gut, mit der bedauerlichen Ausnahme der VR-Geräte. Wir teilen die Enttäuschung derjenigen, die sich besonders darauf gefreut haben, in eine Virtual-Reality-Welt mit dem Oculus Go oder Google Cardboard einzutauchen.

Was ist also passiert und warum?

Weil es derzeit keine allgemein verfügbare Streaming-Infrastruktur gibt, die sowohl die Qualität als auch den Schutz der 360-Grad-Inhalte bietet, mussten wir sie – mit wegweisenden Partnern wie Nexplayer – selbst erfinden. Gerade als wir dachten, wir hätten alles, erfuhren wir, dass Oculus sein Setup so geändert hat, dass es nicht rechtzeitig durch ein Codec-Update von Nexplayer kompensiert werden konnte. Unsere Teams arbeiten hart daran, eine Lösung zu finden, um den Stream auch für Zuschauer mit VR-Geräten verfügbar zu machen. Wie wir schon bei der Eröffnung sagten: “Wir werden bald einen Weg finden, aber wir wissen nicht, wie bald”.

Sobald der 360-Stream für VR wiederhergestellt ist, werden wir ihn allen, die ein Ticket gekauft haben, zur Verfügung stellen. Wir sind geduldig ungeduldig darauf bedacht, dies so schnell wie möglich zu machen.

Bis dahin: habt Spaß am 360-Stream im TICKET-CHANNEL auf allen anderen verfügbaren Geräten und seht euch die Vorträge des Frameless Forum auf dem FREE CHANNEL an.

P.S. Für diejenigen, die uns empfehlen, YouTube oder Facebook 360 zu benutzen: diese Plattformen bieten leider keinen ausreichenden Schutz für gestreamte Inhalte. Es ist uns sehr wichtig, die Sicherheit der Fulldome-Shows, die uns die Produzenten gegeben haben, zu wahren; sie nur im Festivalkontext zeigen und sie nicht zu „Open Source“ machen. Wir hoffen auf euer Verständnis.

Euer FullDome Festival Team

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*Good for all Fulldome Streams in the 360 Cyberdome

Want to buy a last minute Ticket? Possible anytime till the last day of the festival

Your access code comes with the payment completed.

Want to watch the FREE CHANNEL parts of the festival? Go to our Facebook-page

*Good for all Frameless Forum talks, Opening Night and Award Night.

Check the Streaming Schedule (below) and Program to find out what is playing

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Jena FullDome STREAMING Festival. May 13-16, 2020

Against all odds – we’re there, we’re happening!

Imagine this festival like any other: you buy your ticket, you enter the venue and enjoy the show, which the organizers hope to keep in-synch and on schedule. However, the upcoming FullDome STREAMING Festival is different: The venue is not the Jena Planetarium as it used to be in the past, but instead the venue is your own personal Cyberdome at home.

We, the 14th Jena FullDome Festival, will deliver the dome to your home!

As festival organizers we are honored that producers from around the world have entrusted their magnificent fulldome shows to the FullDome Festival, which we are committed to present to the public in the highest possible quality. As the physical Planetarium is closed (at this time) due to the Corona crisis, we have to go new ways –Cyberdome-Streaming. At the same time we are committed to creating the most authentic immersive experiences for our worldwide festival audience; and dedication will prevail! That’s why …

We are not simply streaming – we are streaming in 360°!

If you have a VR-device at hand, like an Oculus Rift or Go, you can have full 360° immersion watching all fulldome shows in the program streamed in 360°.

If use any other regular rectangular viewing device you are equally welcome. Join the global, virtual audience and enjoy the FullDome STREAMING Festival in your innovative high definition surround Cyberdome at home!

How to get there?

  • Step One: Go to the ticket shop and secure your access code to the Streaming Festival: Credit card or PayPal accepted. Tickets are 50,00 € (Basic), 100,00 € (Supporter) and 20,00 € (Student – limited stock). All categories will get equal access to the stream. The more supporter tickets sold, the more reduced student tickets the festival can gift. Please decide generously!
  • Step Two: With your confirmed ticket purchase you will receive an individual access code. Keep that code & don’t lose it! You need to enter the code in the Cyberdome Player, which will open its virtual doors May 12, one full day before the Streaming begins.
  • Step Three: Sit back and immerse in the show! Awesome full feature shows with astro- and science subjects, experimental fulldome short films, and little surprises are to be had here and there. Anticipate the enjoyment by viewing the digital program here.

Frameless Forum – Free Channel

There will be a forum available to all streamed for free; ticket or not. The lively presentations in the Frameless Forum section are an important part of the festival and its unique atmosphere of exchanges, discussions and mutual inspiration, in the real as much as in the virtual realm, which is so typical for the Jena festival. We want to ensure that presenters get maximum exposure for their insights, ideas, developments and game changer projects in the world of immersion, Fulldome and VR. That’s why we’ve decided to stream the daily Frameless Forum for free!

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