FullDome Festival Student Grant 2020/2021

The Fulldome Festival Foundation awards non-refundable grants to support the production budget of student fulldome films to be released at the 2021 FullDome Festival.

The purpose of the grants is to encourage creative fulldome concepts and help financing the production. The student grant emphasizes the importance of pitching an idea, planning the production and learn to manage the budget.

At least one student grant will be awarded for a fulldome production in 2020/2021.  Depending on available funds, more grants can be given.

How to apply

Provide a two pages synopsis in English of the fulldome film you want to produce and have not yet started working on. Use the first page for a summary, and the second page to visualize the fulldome film through, sketches, storyboard, photographs etc..

The application shall show that your project is worth being supported and that you are capable of realizing it. The deadline to turn in the application is Oct 1st., 2020 via e-mail to The deadline to turn in the completed fulldome film is April 15, 2021.

Formal requirements:

provide the title of the film, a short introduction of yourself, your university affiliation, your team (if applicable) and your experience in past fulldome productions (if applicable).

Applications will be reviewed by the festival jury who will decide who will be awarded a grant. Recipients of the grant will sign an agreement to the effect that their grant supported project will premiere at the 15th. Jena FullDome Festival in May 2021.

The amount of 300,00 € will be paid up front, the remaining 200,00€ will be paid when a preview of the completed film is submitted. Recipients are free to find additional sources to fund their project in addition to the grant.

Grant supported student films cannot enter the student film contest and are not eligible to receive any of the 2018 student Fulldome Awards. Grant supported films will be submitted as Fulldome Short Film and are eligible to receive an Award in that category, if the 2021 festival jury so decides.


All competition rules as set in the submission guidelines, also apply for grant supported student films, with the exception that these films may be longer than 5 minutes but must not exceed 15 minutes.

How to donate

If you read this and you are excited about making a contribution to a student fulldome project, please go to our donation box.

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