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Admission charges

Festival guests need to register in advance. We offer Day Passes for each of the three festival days (May 24th or 25th or 26th) and the reduced Festival Pass for all three festival days, including the IMERSA Day om May 27th. The Power-of-Twelve Ticket is good for all events including the grand opening, evening events, and IMERSA Day (May 27). Payment is possible via PayPal and credit card. Day and Festival Passes include access to all events of the respective day and festival, respectively. For each student contribution, we offer a maximum of two Festival or Day Passes free of charge. Applicants shall register in advance with their contribution title, full names, and institution by means of the ticket shop, select complimentary tickets.
The grand opening and the evening performances are open to the public. Tickets are available without prior registration at the Fulldome Festival registration desk. Individual feature shows and short films (Block (A) … Block (L)) can be accessed per session with regular planetarium tickets, available at the planetarium box office. A session include a short and a feature film.

Festival event
Full ticket
Reduced ticket*
Grand Opening, May 23
25.00 Euro
15.00 Euro
Day Pass (one festival day)
50.00 Euro
15.00 Euro
Festival Pass (3 days)
100.00 Euro
35.00 Euro

Power-of-Twelve Ticket
(all inclusive)***
120.00 Euro
not availabe

Evening performance
25.00 Euro
15.00 Euro
Single session**
8.50 Euro
7.00 Euro

*Reduced tickets for school goers, apprentices and students.
** Tickets at the planetarium box office.
*** available from April 1, 2018. Includes all events.

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