Save the date: Oct. 8.–10. 2021

That’s when the doors of the Zeiss-Planterium Jena will open for the 15. FullDome Festival.

We welcome real people in the dome!

We are thrilled to announce that Jena is teaming up with partner festivals on three continents to form the Co-op of International Fulldome Festivals, featuring shared content in the #BestOfEarth program for the first time.
The call for submissions goes out to fulldome producers all around the world. Shows selected for the #BestOfEarth program are eligible to win a #BestOfEarth Fulldome-Award, given out by the four festivals together.Read the official announcement by the Co-op of International Fulldome Festivals in English und auf Deutsch
You can buy tickets now to access the whole 6 hours #BestOfEarth program in 360 stream, independent of where you are located. See the line-up of the #BestOfEarth nominees below. The stream starts parallel to the festival time Oct. 8-10. Click here to get your Ticket.

The #BestOfEarth 360° stream contains all 19 fulldome films nominated for the 2021 #BestOfEarth Awards. Total stream time is 6 hours, divided in four separate, 90 min. blocks. The complete program will be streamed 3 times during festival period Oct. 8-10. Program starts at fixed times, not on demand. Check streaming schedule for easy viewing in any time zone. Immerse and enjoy, wherever you are!

The #BestOfEarth program is an exciting highlight of the 15. FullDome Festival, but it’s not the only one. Expect a lively program in Jena of immersive live shows and fulldome master pieces. Stay tuned for details and updates!

The FullDome Festival provides an open platform to present and praise immersive media, electronic arts, science, business and the exploration of fun and future in full dome.

We invite media artists, Planetarium people, science and music visualizers, interdisciplinary researchers, dome VJs, 360° performers, spatial sound creators and pioneers of immersive technologies from all around the world to show their work and share their ideas.

Live and surround, beyond the flat frame paradigm.


The Festival is produced by the Fulldome Festival Foundation, a non-profit, 360° independent foundation based in Jena, the vibrant city of science and light where modern Planetarium technology was invented a hundred years ago.


The FullDome Festival honors outstanding work with the Janus-Award. The double-faced Roman god Janus was chosen as our patron saint because he sees front and rear, past and future simultaneously. No one is better equipped to bless the best in the network of immersive media reaching for the stars.


Fulldome Student Film Award

Fulldome Short Film Award

Fulldome Feature Film Award

Fulldome “Joker” Award

Fulldome Audio Award

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