Welcome to the FullDome Festival Jena! This page is currently under construction. Registration for the 2022 edition of the Festival will start in February 2022. Stay tuned!


The 15. Jena FullDome Festival is over and it’s time to say THANK YOU from the hearts of the Jena FullDome Festival team to all you artists, contributors, performers, musicians, Best Of Earth partners, Award winners and Award nominees, virtual and inhouse visitors from all around the world!

THANK YOU to all sponsors, visionaries and afficionados of immersive media, be they student, independent, professional or all of the above.

THANK YOU to all presenters and debaters in the Frameless Forum sessions, to all the round-the-clock helpers on and off the stage, to the 360-degree streaming team and social media wizzards, to the rising stars of early morning Yoga-in-the-dome and to the late-late night DJ/VJ activists.

THANK YOU to the ticket shop admins and reception desk heroes, to the award sculpture designers, to the tech teams at the controls of light, sound and digital fulldome projection in the Jena Planetarium, to all catering angels who served coffee, gin, or vegan soup when they were needed most.

THANK YOU, all unnamed individuals, institutions, companies and good spirits, who are passionate about being part of this fabulous community of international fulldome friends, fans and followers.

THANKS also to all, who bear with us, even if we might have misunderstood, discouraged or frustrated them, please excuse the occasional unwise action in our fight for the Right to Immerse.

Finally, THANK YOU for allowing us to anticipate seeing you all again at the 16. Jena FullDome Festival, May 11. – 14. 2022.

Praise the Dome!


The Jena FullDome Festival is teaming up with partner festivals on three continents to form the Co-op of International Fulldome Festivals. It’s the first time that four festivals on three continents show in their venues the shared #BestOfEarth selection, 19 fulldome films totaling 6 hours of 360° content.

The Co-op of International Fulldome Festivals started in March 2021 with a call for submissions and an announcement in English und auf Deutsch.

The Jena FullDome Festival, founded in 2007, provides an open platform to present and praise immersive media, electronic arts, science, business and the exploration of fun and future in full dome.

We invite media artists, Planetarium people, science and music visualizers, interdisciplinary researchers, dome VJs, 360° performers, spatial sound creators and pioneers of immersive technologies from all around the world to show their work and share their ideas, live and surround, beyond the flat frame paradigm.


The Festival is produced by the Fulldome Festival Foundation, a non-profit, 360° independent foundation based in Jena, the vibrant city of science and light where modern Planetarium technology was invented a hundred years ago.


The FullDome Festival honors outstanding work with the Janus-Award. The double-faced Roman god Janus was chosen as our patron saint because he sees front and rear, past and future simultaneously. No one is better equipped to bless the best in the network of immersive media reaching for the stars.


Fulldome Student Film Award

Fulldome Short Film Award

Fulldome Feature Film Award

Fulldome “Joker” Award

Fulldome Audio Award

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