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Wed July 17 Pre-Conference warm-up

  Wed July 17 Pre-Conference warm-up  

IPS Delegates arrive – Check-in & general info @ reception desk –

IPS Welcome Lounge – informal introductions, Q and A, snacks, drinks, talks, fulldome entertainment, easy going live music, Harp & DJ

Thu July 18 Day One – FullDome Festival Program and World Premiere Live Show

  Thu July 18 Day One – FullDome Festival Program and World Premiere Live Show  

IPS FullDome Festival Official Opening. Introduction to program, welcome all guests, presenters, producers, artists. etc.

The Science of Excitement
Moderated by Alexandra Wolf

Helen Ahner. Planetarien: Wunder der Technik - Techniken des Wunderns
Nils Merten. Sound of the Future: Immersive Audio for Headphone.
Prof. Dr. Isabella Beyer. Immersive Medien und Transmedia Immersive Media and Transmedia
André Wünscher. Dome Tools at the Speed of Thought

World premiere of the immersive music theatre The Gray Cloth. IPS delegates will be treated to a spectacular live performance produced by the Jena and Weimar teams that have pioneered 360° stage performances, together with fulldome artists and students, musicians, performers and innovators. The play is based on a novel by visionary author Paul Scheerbart, who envisioned fantastic worlds around the same the modern Planetarium was conceived. The audience in the Jena Planetarium – and live stream audiences around the world – will travel around the world in a luxurious airship visiting strange and wonderful sites and parties. The colorful adventures of The Grey Cloth were written in Pre-First World times and projected into a future that might have been our present times.
If you are not physically in Jena, you may get a ticket for the live stream of the show here

Fri July 19 Day Two – FullDome Festival Program, JANUS-Award Ceremony and Live Shows

  Fri July 19 Day Two – FullDome Festival Program, JANUS-Award Ceremony and Live Shows  

Ryan Wyatt, Matt Blackwell. USA 2023 (24 min)

Travel inside a giant star nearing the end of its life, witness stellar corpses colliding, and experience the quiet demise of a Sun-like star. From the air we breathe to the ground we stand on, we owe it all to the stars. Narrated by Diego Luna, ”Spark: The Universe in Us” explores how hundreds of millions of celestial events have forged the elements that make up the Solar System, Earth — and us!

Chih-Jung Hsu, Chia-Yi Shih, Hua-Yen Pan, Chia-Hsiang Lee, Taiwan 2023 (5 min)

In the silence, thoughts intersect, and dance becomes a
wordless conversation. Interpreted through dance, language remains silent, with movements and stillness intertwining. Using motion as words and dance as chapters. Music presents various sounds, and for each moment of hearing a sound, it seeks another form, tone, or dynamic analogy.

Raúl Erdossy, Hendrik Huthoff. Germany 2023 (16 min)

The AI-drone C.A.R.L. (Completely Automated Researcher of Life) is sent on a mission to discover how microbes, the tiniest life forms on Earth, can help secure a sustainable future. Together with his ally C.A.R.L.A., they go on an exciting journey, exploring plants, animals and the atmosphere. They discover how microbes help plants and animals to grow, provide clean drinking water, and the air we breathe… in the end, we experience the wonder and beauty of the microverse!

Janire Najera, 4Pi Productions. United Kingdom 2023 (39 min)

An immersive documentary film about the extraordinary journey aboard the 70-ton sailing ship, Arka Kinari, ingeniously transformed into a cultural platform to amplify the urgent call for action on the climate crisis. Embark on a cinematic experience where art, music, and environmental advocacy seamlessly converge.

Frameless Forum Panel 2

All the dome‘s a stage!
Moderated by Alexandra Wolf

Kate McCallum. Her mind’s Eye. Hildegard von Bingen Fulldome Project
Tobias Staab. Autonomous Avatars Dance Performance
Markus Beyr. Immersive Themes and Attractions
Liese Endler. Gesamtkunstwerk Immersive Music Theatre.
Prof. Dr. Michael Markert Ai-Aided Design for Immersive Media
Sergey Prokofyev. Immersive Architecture

François Vautier, France 2023 (9 min)

In the heart of nothingness, on the horizon of infinite space and unfathomable time, wanders an imposing geometry. An immense tetrahedron that will soon break up and scatter, delivering a mysterious message through its changing shape.

François Guinaudeau, Sébastien Samyn. Canada 2023 (30 min)

Follow Kentucky—an insomniac hen and social media star who lives on the Moon—in her adventures to demystify solar eclipses! With help from JOS, her whimsical android sidekick, she embarks on a space-time journey to Earth to find the perfect solar eclipse that will finally help her get some sleep. Join them on their journey to discover the perfect conditions to witness this unique phenomenon, in an immersive and wacky show at the Planetarium.

Emese Pálovics, Bianca Faddi. Hungary 2023 (9 min)

The BAD TRIP is an immersive narrative installation that can serve as a conversation starter about generation gaps and the traumas they cause. The viewer follows the protagonist through a ‘bad trip-like’ series of events, exploring the memories of his childhood home, guided by strange creatures. As he goes deeper in his home and in his consciousness, he must confront the crux of the problem.

World Premiere of THE STELLARS (26 min)
(followed by small reception for Creative Planet guests)

JANUS-Award ceremony – Announcing the winners of the 2024 FullDome Festival, live at the IPS-conference in the Zeiss-Planetarium Jena.
Reading of jury statements. JANUS-sculptures handed over to winners.
Free Livestream, from Jena to the World

Lichtpiraten. Live Performance
TRANSFORMING SPACES .We bring art to the streets, weaving an enchanting tapestry of light and sound through the fusion of generative content within projection mapping. Every piece of our audiovisual content is meticulously crafted with a genuine passion for creativity.

Sat July 20 Day Three – IMERSA Day

  Sat July 20 Day Three – IMERSA Day  

Morning Sessions with Dan Neafus, KaChun Yu, Ryan Wyatt, Michael Daut, Monica Bolles, Julieta Aguilera

25 Years of Fulldome. Personal revelations about what makes dome experiences so special. Demonstrations and discussion.

Luminaries of Fulldome

Fulldome Shorts

Fulldome announcements
Best of Earth Fulldome Cooperative, Ryan Moore
One Earth Moment Equinox project, Micky Remann

Afternoon sessions with Joshua Sam Miller, Tom Ammermann, Sebastian Gauthier, Rocco Helmchen & Johannes Kraas, Tim Florian Horn, Björn Voss, et alii

Spheres of Influence. The dome as communal gathering places. Hear from leaders who strengthen relationships with their communities. Panel with dome demonstrations.

Creative Pioneers

Fulldome Innovators. Selected presenters and demonstrations

IMERSA Day & FullDome Festival Live Concert
The immersive grand finale of the Jena part of the IPS conference, jointly presented by the FullDome Festival and IMERSA. Enjoy an extraordinary live performance with artists Martin Hübner, Linda Trillhaase, Ive Kanew, Illuminator art and 360° dome visuals.